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Here, we provide what's needed to relieve your frustrations.

Got Problems?

We can solve all of them.

     Here, we list some problems in easy numeric order for your consideration.  Be thinking about what you would like to tell your representative, because we suspect they will pay close attention to what you post for them on this site. 

    Nearly all of us have access to a cell phone, television, PDFs, digital photos, doc files, videos social media and ever more ways to communicate with each other, not allowed on There, all you can do is text and phone their staff. Now, you will be able to use all of these to communicate with your representative!
     We chose these to provide some background and perspective on problems which really need solving.  Think of this as Boot Camp.  Soon, you will be picking the problems yourself.    

                           Problem One                                                                        Problem Two
                Communication Constipation                                                   Even Older Issues
                            for 15 years                                                              Or, History Repeats Itself

                              Problem 3                                                                         Problem 4
     No pics allowed to Congress = Catastrophe                                    The Tough One

                                                      How you can solve the terrorist problem

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