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Solutions to Our Problems
Two Major Tools 

The short answer is, yest, there are solutions to the problems we face.  We show you examples you can choose, if you agree.  Below are links to a way you can achieve a stable economy, one which gives you peace of mind against the stumbles and problems each of us encounters on the road of life.  

As you will see, this first solution, %AYE, protects you when you lose your job, encounter any of the many problems which can occur for any of us, including illness for yourself, your family, accidents and the other eventualities which can occur to anyone. 

Founder, Brock d'Avignon did his dissertation on the loan tool which was broadly in use from the earliest years of colonization of the New World.  

This form of loan was responsible for eliminating Indentured Servitude and Slavery in New England before the Revolution'

It was responsible for winning the American Revolution.

It allowed women to break the bond of cultural control which made it impossible for them to work as teachers in the 1830s.

Applied to Health Care PAYE makes Universal Health Care which works possible.  See the two website links.

Security, prosperity and freedom can be ours.   

Percentage-As-You-Earn (PAYE) Finance & Finansurance

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